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In the NBFL you have option to play over 300 collegiate or 32 pro teams! There is a limited selection on collegiate team balls.

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NBFL Weekly Tickets are only $10. Play your favorite team and score points for end of season fan-based products.


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NBFL Demographics

"There are 12,132,000 core 13+/year Billiards/Pool participants in the U.S."
Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association SGMA

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Billiard Football "Top Ten" Marketing Ideas


Fund-Raising Events

1. Billiard Football fund-raising drives helps any fund-raing event by giving an emotional attachment to the donors. Donors choose their favorite team when they play one of the fun challenges. In order to be successful at fundraising, you need your donors to "feel". When you appeal to your donors at an emotional level only, they tend to give more freely without reservation.
National Billiard Football League (NBFL)

2. Billiard Football fund-raising drives have proven themselves with non-profits like the Billiard Education Foundation in Las Vegas. Challenge games like "4-to-Score" and "40-Yard Dash" are proven to raise money and attract attention to any booth.
National Billiard Football League (NBFL)


3. Imagine a professional football player from your city challenging donors on the billiard table in a fun Billiard Football themed fund-raiser.-
National Billiard Football League (NBFL)


Tailoring your drive to your local football fan base gives an added emotional appeal to donors. The more donors you attract the more funds will be
raised. Billiard Football is a new game that is an attention grabber.



NBFL Offering Interactive Game Play Action


The National Billiard Football League (NBFL) uses patented billiard game ball sets with proven game rules and scoring system that simulates the excitement of football on a billiard table. 

The game play system is  interactive with known collegiate or pro football, and even high school teams in multiple billiard play formats and for any skill level of a player.

A billiard player/football fan can now choose their favorite football team, play any past or future season game/schedule, and then evaluate their  billiard football game stats to improve their billiard game skills and strategy.


"Game along with your favorite football team!"


Earl C. Munson Jr.
Billiard Football Enterprises- Founder






NBFL Business License


NBFL Licensed Tiered Opportunities:The National Billiard Footbal League is a synergistic business concept that appeals to a broad demographic of billiard/football fans.  

It gives potential billiard entreprenuers many marketing avenues to employ the billiard football game sets to meet income goals they set for themselves.

The first tier of 32 Charter License agreements are offered at a special introductory offer of $1,500.00 to include:


• 2- licensed NBFL host rooms @ $150.00/annually (must be public access business entities)

• 2 BFE licensed ball set (at every level, each ball set requires a paid 2 room license agreement)

• Logged access to NBFL website backend resources (down loadable manuals, marketing material, score sheets, brackets, etc... plus upload access for     player scores, videos and statistics.

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NBFL Youth Programs

NBFL Helps "Score for the Juniors" BEF Fundraiser at 2011 APA Nationals

The National Billiard Football League had the perfect idea for the Billiard Education Foundation (BEF) by setting up a football themed booth for a fund raiser for youth at the 2011 APA Team Nationals. Hundreds of APA players did a double look as they passed by and participated in two fun and never before seen games in the pool/billiard industry. 


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NBFL Player of the Week

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PIS 43 TX1 William Howard Week5 Drive4

Draft YOUR Favorite Team

 Billiard football is exciting because you play your favorite team. You can play any one of 300+ collegiate teams, or one of  the 32 professional teams, or you can even choose to play your very own high school football team.

Design YOUR Season Schedule

Once you have decided what team you wish to play the next step is to set your season schedule. Who do you want to play? You can play any future or past season schedule that your favorite team has played or will play. Every week is a progressive scoring challenge.

Play & Track YOUR Season

In the fall the thrill of football is in the air. But now you can play along weekly with your favorite team. Play who they are playing that week or go back in time to play your favorite rivalry games. Each game tracks your game play to help improve your skils and strategies.

WE Award YOUR Seasons Goals

Every week your stats are accumulating yards gained and hard won points scored. Your football stats translates to how your strong or weak your billiard game play is at any given time. Weekly awards are earned for excellent play. Earn fan-based products at end of season.