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The NBFL Improves League Players Skills PDF Print E-mail
Written by NBFL Executive Commisioner   
Tuesday, 09 June 2009 17:25

The main concept of Billiard Football was to help players improve their billiard game. It was designed to help in shot making, cue ball control, shot selection, and game strategy for eight and nine ball games. It is an excellent game for any league player looking to find strengths and weakness in their game play. The game was designed by a professional BCA certified instructor to help his students become better eight ball and nine ball players.

 Each billiard game rule was over-layed with football rules and terminolgy for a specific purpose of keeping the simulation of football as realistic as possible and with gaining insightful stats of the players. The stats give rich detail of a players game from breaking and running to ball pocketing skills and fouls.

The play sheets are simple to fill out as games progress in the ten drive (racks) per game. Each player is measured on the same weekly base-line. Every week the score sheets are entered into the Post Game Tracking System to give players a unique football stat measurement of their billiard game. Each football term means something in relation to billiard play.

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