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Billiard Football "Top Ten" Marketing Ideas PDF Print E-mail
Written by NBFL Executive Commisioner   
Wednesday, 10 June 2009 19:14


Fund-Raising Events

1. Billiard Football fund-raising drives helps any fund-raing event by giving an emotional attachment to the donors. Donors choose their favorite team when they play one of the fun challenges. In order to be successful at fundraising, you need your donors to "feel". When you appeal to your donors at an emotional level only, they tend to give more freely without reservation.
National Billiard Football League (NBFL)

2. Billiard Football fund-raising drives have proven themselves with non-profits like the Billiard Education Foundation in Las Vegas. Challenge games like "4-to-Score" and "40-Yard Dash" are proven to raise money and attract attention to any booth.
National Billiard Football League (NBFL)


3. Imagine a professional football player from your city challenging donors on the billiard table in a fun Billiard Football themed fund-raiser.-
National Billiard Football League (NBFL)


Tailoring your drive to your local football fan base gives an added emotional appeal to donors. The more donors you attract the more funds will be
raised. Billiard Football is a new game that is an attention grabber.


You can play head-to-head games or play a virtual game against ANY future or past opponent.  NBFL rules combine the fast paced action of 9- ball and the strategy of 8- ball mixed with footballs terminology and rules. The NBFL greatly improves any APA, ACS, BCA, TAPs, etc league players abilities on the table.

Competitive skill levels (Rookie, Pro, and All-Pro). Rule variations that allow competitive play for all players novice to pro. On the billiard gridiron you wil be passing, receiving and running downs to score touchdowns, two point conversions, field goals, and safeties. You as a QB can throw interceptions, fumble the ball, be sacked for a safety. As a receiver you can catch the ball and sprint to the end zone. As a running back you can slip by the defense and go all the way for a TD or fumble the ball.  As a defensive player you can play as a defensive tackle, end, line backer, or strong safety to sack and cause fumbles , and maybe sack your opponent for a 2-point safety score. The NBFL score sheets allows excellent tracking of a player/teams billiard performance and statistics using football terminology. The NBFL Online Game-Tracker Stat System keeps you updated and aware of problem areas in your billiard game play.




























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