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Interceptions: The Drive Stoppers!





First downs are critical in moving down the field. The break shot is always considered the pass on first downs

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Team/Player Statistics- Rookie, Pro, & All-Pro


 Team Standings
W- Win (Games that have been won by your score being greater than your opponents score).
L- Loss (Games that have been lost by your score being less than opponents).
Pct.- Percentage Games Won (GP / W =Pct.).
GP- Games Played (Total games that have been played by your team).
PF- Points For (Total points scored by your team i.e.: TD's, 2-Pt Conv., FG's, Safeties).
PA- Points Against (Total points scored by your opponent i.e.: TD's, 2-Pt Conv., FG's, Safeties).

 Game Box Score
Note- Clicking on any green game score will link to Game Box Score
for that game.Below describes page in detail.


 Team Stats Comparison

Drives- Total Drives in game.Each drive is set of four downs. Balls are racked each drive.
Interceptions- Total times when cue ball scratched on 1st Down Pass Plays (break shot).
Fumbles- Total times football/G ball pocketed by defense.
Safeties- Total times defense pockets both offense ball & football/G ball on same down.
                  Note- No yard balls pocketed previously on prior downs. Offense on 20 yard line.
Punts- Total times offense failed to pocket 40 yards (4 balls) after three downs (1st - 3rd)
T.O. Downs- Total times offense failed to score TD's or FG's after four downs (1st - 4th)
Pen. H/O- Total Penalties in game i.e.: Holding- cue ball scratches, and Offsides- failure to
                 contact object ball or contacting rail after legal hit. Offensive Penalties ONLY.
Total Downs- Total of all offensive downs played from all drives i.e., 1st - 4th downs.
Total Yards- Total of all yds (balls=10yds) pocketed on all drives played i.e., 1st - 4th downs.
Passing Yds- Totall of yds (balls=10yds) pocketed on all 1st Down Pass Plays (break shot).
Comp-Att- Completed/Attempted. Comp- Total times ball(s) were pocketed on 1st Down
                    Pass Plays (break shots). Att- Total number of drives in game. Pass-/ Scoresheet
Rushing Tds- Total of yds (balls=10yds) pocketed on all 2nd - 3rd Down Run Plays.
Rushing Attempts- Total runs on 2nd - 4th down Run Plays. Run-X Scoresheet.
FG's- Field Goals. Total times made-attempted. Offense pockets football/G after 40 yds gained.
Passing TD's- Total TD's made on 1st Downs (break shots) by either 1) Long Bomb (LBO)-
                          football/G pocketed on break shot or 2) Yd Ball(s) pocketed on (break shot)
                          and then receiver pockets remainder of YD balls and then football/G.
Rushing TD's- Total TD's made on 2nd - 4th Downs. All eight yd balls have been pocketed.
2-Pt Conv.- Total times after a TD was made that the offensive ball was pocketed for 8-points.
Safety 2-Pts-
Total times player while on defense pocketed both the opponent offensive ball
                        and the football/G on same down to score 2-points